"Juristet Shiptar ne Zvicer dhe Avokatet Shqiptar Zvicer" "Albanische Juristen in Schweiz und Albanische Anwälte in Schweiz" "Juristet Shiptar ne Zvicer dhe Avokatet Shqiptar Zvicer"

Miftar Zymberi


The Law Office 

Miftar Zymberi - Jurist / Mediator

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Scope of services

Legal advice

If you would like legal advice, please make an appointment with our office. The aim of the initial consultation is to gain an overview of the situation, to identify possible courses of action and to assess their opportunities, but also the risks. Please bring all important documents with you so that we can get as comprehensive a picture as possible and, if necessary, act quickly.

Foreigners' law

Family law

Labor law

Tenancy law

Old-age and survivors' insurance AHV/IV

Occupational benefits BVG

Contract law

Patent law 

Copyright und intellectual property law

Stock corporation law

Real estate law

CH und UK sales law

International Commercial law



Mediation means mediation and is a voluntary out-of-court procedure for conflict resolution. As a mediator I am impartial. We do not make decisions for you, but help you to find a solution that suits both sides. As a mediator, I take care to create a constructive atmosphere for the discussion. The goal of mediation is for you to find a solution on your own responsibility and in partnership. If you wish to mediate, please arrange an initial meeting in which both parties participate.

Family mediation

- separation

- Divorce

- Child and visitation rights

- International child abduction

Business mediation

- Consultations

- Conflicts between employer and employee

- Conflicts within the team

- Tenancy law


Contract law and business negotiations

International contract law and business negotiations


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